Romy Lucas was born in 1976 in Paramaribo, Suriname. She moved to The Netherlands in 1994.
After obtaining a BA in Economics she worked at an Energy Company until 2009.

2006: a change
Romy wanted to do something different, something a bit more creative and/or artistic… and decided to study Fashion Design at the Artemis Academy (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). The first subject was Figure Drawing (by the artist Kuin Heuff) and this was the subject she feared most because she couldn’t draw. So she thought. To her surprise she didn’t only like it, she was actually pretty good at it! They worked intensely with all kinds of materials in class, from pencil to oils and charcoal to sand. When this subject was finished she realized that painting was what she really wanted to do. As she still had a fulltime job she did masterclasses during the weekends at the Wackers Academy (Amsterdam) and had private lessons every Saturday from two artists, Maarten Welbergen and Bram Stoof.

–          Several Masterclasses at the Wackers Academy (Amsterdam): “Lucian Freud”, “The portrait” and Summer Course “Vermeer”
–          First oil painting.
–          Private lessons from Maarten Welbergen and Bram Stoof until 2009.

First child is born, two months too early. Focus on being a mom,  less time on painting.

Second son is born. She starts painting intensively again.

In 2013 -at her 2nd exhibition- she was voted #7 out of 100 artists by the jury and was qualified to exhibit her work at the Nationale Kunstdagen 2013. At the Nationale Kunstdagen 2013 in November 2013, she was voted #36 out of 250 artists (

She currently works out of her studio in Rotterdam.

“Painting completed my life”
Frida Kahlo
“It makes me feel guilty that anybody should have
such a good time doing what they are supposed to do.”

Charles Eames

Artists mortgage their emotions. What else do we have to sell?